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recenter Houston

"The cost was reasonable and the process was efficient…."


Founded in 1950, recenter is the second-oldest drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Houston. This nonprofit organization helps predominantly homeless men and women to recover from their chemical dependencies through peer support, structure and accountability. recenter equips people with the tools to restore their self-confidence and sense of self, repair broken relationships, and rebuild balanced, hopeful and sober lives. recenter’s many programs include onsite housing, meals, detox, case management, and services to help those in recovery to obtain gainful employment, volunteer in the community and pay rent.

Fred Dailey, a trial attorney and CPA, became CEO and Executive Director at the age of 62 when he decided he wanted to give something back to society.  A few years later, he was getting his board of directors to think about succession planning.

“I wanted to back off a bit, but it was apparent that we had some needs,” he recalls. “We have a very small staff and no one on staff really knows much about bookkeeping and accounting.” Neither the board members nor the outside auditors had any luck in finding a bookkeeper or an accountant who would be a good match for the organization. Dailey heard an underwriting announcement from Your Part-Time Controller on a public radio station and reached out to YPTC.

Associate Vivien Chang was assigned and immediately helped recenter to upgrade its QuickBooks application to a more robust version that would do a more comprehensive job with the organization’s financial reporting and give Dailey the information he needs. The transition took several months. “The cost was reasonable and the process was efficient,” he says.

Dailey had to go out on a medical leave. “But I knew the organization was in good hands while I was out and Vivien helped us get through the audit,” he adds. Current plans are to assign more responsibilities to Vivien with the month-end closings and other reports.

“I’m very miserly with my recommendations about other people but I make an exception here because I’m so happy with what she does and with the resources that are available to us. In essence, I’m just thrilled with the support, the advice and the expertise that we’re getting from Your Part-Time Controller. They’re timely. They do what they say they’re going to do. They’re good people!”

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