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The Graduate! Network

"A very personal approach…."


Thirty-six million Americans have some college education but no degree. For those who aspire to earn a degree, The Graduate! Network is catalyzing a growing national movement to increase college completion among adults. The Graduate! Network collaborates with civic leadership, higher education, corporate executives, organized labor, and workforce development to build, nurture and improve structures and systems that support “Comebacker” adults to attend and complete their college degrees. In 2020, Network co-founder Sallie Glickman was named interim CEO and worked with YPTC to revamp fiscal operations.

“This is not my first rodeo with YPTC,” says Glickman, explaining how she first became acquainted with Your Part-Time Controller 20 years ago when she was one of YPTC’s earliest clients through another organization. Therefore, she knew they were up to the challenge of rethinking internal processes – everything from budgeting to policies to daily practices – as well as putting human resources in place to ensure that all planning could be implemented and managed smoothly. To her delight, YPTC outperformed even her high expectations.

“YPTC was amazing at helping me sort out what we required to meet our goals. Our account manager worked side by side with me to map the right path forward and matched us with a YPTC team that perfectly fits in the culture of our organization. Then, together, that team implemented changes and enhancements in ways that were minimally disruptive to our operations.”

Glickman cannot say enough about the value of YPTC. “It’s a very personal approach. They’ve been there with me from beginning to end and helped me take over and lead through an organizational transition,” she adds. Her final recommendation: “If you’re looking for a real partner in your organization’s evolution and growth, they’re the ones. That’s what they do!”

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