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United Way of Greater Houston

"This partnership is a model venture…"

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For nearly 100 years, the United Way of Greater Houston has brought together diverse partners and approaches to get to the root of complex challenges holding people back and to connect neighbors with opportunities to thrive. A signature program since the mid-1980s is the United Way’s Nonprofit Connection which provides capacity-building resources for Houston-area nonprofits. The Nonprofit Connection offers a portfolio of services designed to enhance the leadership and operational capabilities of nonprofit organizations in the nation’s 4th-largest city and its surrounding counties.

Sound financial practice is essential to the success of organizations in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, explains Ronnie Hagerty, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations. However, nonprofits often lack the resources needed to ensure organizational sustainability. Your Part Time Controller is partnering with the Nonprofit Connection to offer the knowledge and experience that can transform nonprofits’ financial viability. “Our partnership with Your Part Time Controller is an innovative one. Together, we are able to bring financial webinars and workshops to nonprofit professionals through our carefully crafted Spring and Fall Financial Series,” she says.

The programs’ content includes an array of topics addressing every aspect of financial management, reaching a diverse audience composed of staff at all levels of financial responsibility. Eligible practitioners can receive continuing education credits. The United Way’s Nonprofit Connection and YPTC work together to plan a timely and relevant curriculum. Nonprofit Connection handles all logistics of the sessions including promotion and registrations; YPTC provides the content expertise.

“The seasonal Financial Series are extremely popular, drawing strong attendance at each offering. Our collaborative venture benefits both United Way and YPTC; Nonprofit Connection is able to provide substantive professional development to its nonprofit clients that might otherwise be unavailable, and YPTC is able to build awareness among an array of potential clients they might not otherwise encounter,” she says. “In our view, this partnership is a model venture that optimizes our respective skills and resources for the benefit of our broad community.”

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