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United Way of Greater Mercer County

"We’re getting their guidance, customer service and expertise…."


There are some 1,800 United Way organizations around the world, each of which is an independent nonprofit with its own board of directors, its own community priorities, and each grappling with rapidly evolving changes in philanthropic, corporate, government, and individual funding. Donors are savvier, budgets are being trimmed, and funders of all types want greater accountability and return on their investment.

The United Way of Greater Mercer County, N.J., has long been embedded in a community with disparate pockets of wealth and poverty. The organization knows the issues and brings together all sectors – government, businesses, educational institutions, and other nonprofits – to the table to address such concerns as youth and family success, education, health, and financial stability. “That’s the nature of our business and our mission,” says President & CEO Sandra Toussaint. “We bring these groups together not just to have a discussion but to determine how we can come up with a collaborative approach to make a difference in the community.”

Combine the scope of the work with diversified funding coming from local and global donors that have to be accounted for, and “It makes for a busy day, which is why I’m so grateful to have Your Part-Time Controller on my team. I love them! I think they’re great, particularly the individuals that I work with. Not only is it cost-effective to outsource our financial operations but we’re also getting their guidance, their customer service and their expertise.”

The organization used to have a finance department of four or five staff members; today there is one part-time employee and YPTC associates do all the rest, serving as the equivalent of a controller and CFO. The shift has saved the United Way money and added additional expertise.

“I love that the YPTC team assigned to our account has been here for so long. They’re embedded in our organization. When we have staff meetings, celebrations or end-of-the-year holiday parties they’re there. It’s become a nice cohesiveness between United Way and YPTC.

“They’re not the only company that provides this service. But what sets them apart and makes them unique is their openness, their adaptability, and their accessibility. They’re personable. They really have the organization’s mission at the core of what they do. It’s more than just providing day-to-day financial information.”

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