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United Way of Hunterdon County

"I’ve never had to worry about hiring…."


The United Way of Hunterdon County , N.J., is a community center of volunteerism, leadership and philanthropy that helps over 7,000 persons in Hunterdon communities each year to achieve their full potential through income stability, healthier lives and education. It is independent from all other United Ways and works with community partners, volunteers and donors to assist the people it refers to as “ALICE” – the 24% of Hunterdon County’s residents who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained and Employed (or retired). Through such programs and targets including financial coaching, reducing obesity, income support over the holidays, and free tax preparation, neighbors are helping neighbors. The result is a long-lasting, systemic difference in family financial stability, access to healthcare and academic success.

“Our United Way has had shared services since our inception, so we’ve never had our own finance department,” explains CEO Bonnie Duncan. A number of years ago, when the organization came to a point where they needed to decide if they wanted to hire a finance person or go in a different direction, outsourcing became a viable option. Duncan’s sister, who had also worked in the nonprofit sector and was working for Your Part-Time Controller, suggested YPTC.

“The level of expertise that they had is what drew me in and is what I’ve appreciated for all these years,” she recalls. “It was also that I’ve never had to worry about hiring the best candidate for such a position. Finance is not an area where you want to have a lot of false starts. That’s not where I want to spend my time. You want to get it right the first time.”

Duncan also appreciates the flexibility that YPTC offers. They regularly explore options of service and add or reduce the number of hours and days of engagement depending on current needs and new projects.

“They’re just good people! Who doesn’t love George?” exclaims Duncan, who has worked with several YPTC Associates over the years, most recently George Stout. “George has a fabulous personality and fits in well with our staff. He’s always looking out for our best interests and tells us what we should be considering. He’s not just doing the numbers and cranking out financials.

“YPTC has always pulled the right people into our place and space and it’s all been good.”

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