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Government Funding

Opportunities For Your Nonprofit to Receive Government Funding.

YPTC’s Government Funding Department was created to help our clients bring in funds from some of the billions of dollars in grants the federal government awards to nonprofits every year.

YPTC's Government Funding Department offers clients two valuable services:

Research Service

Our research service matches your programs and funding needs with the grant initiatives offered by various federal agencies, as well as state agencies or even foundations if desired.

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Application Service

Our application service gathers your information and prepares the narrative, budget, and other materials required to complete your application. All that’s left for you to do is review and submit the application.

Targeted Research.

The U.S. government makes some 50,000 grants each year through 26 different federal agencies. Each grant program has different goals, eligibilities, deadlines and restrictions. YPTC helps you zero in on the best grants, which may be hiding in plain sight in unexpected places.


Exacting Preparation.

YPTC can also then assist with the exacting, complex applications that can otherwise take weeks to complete. Navigating the process for you saves valuable time while assuring that every step has been completed to the government’s precise specifications. This meticulous work helps you make a compelling case for support.


Here to Help.

The Government Funding Department is part of YPTC’s ongoing commitment to build stronger nonprofits. Our services give your organization a chance to bring in major federal funding, while also putting time back in your day. Reach out to us for a free, no-obligation conversation to learn more.

Government Funding Resources:

On Demand Webinar: Federal Grants 101

In 2022, 26 different federal agencies awarded over 56,000 grants to charitable organizations. Know how to take advantage?

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Downloadable Checklist: Federal Grants

Check out our Federal Grant Checklist for finding, applying, implementing, and reporting on a federal grant.

Access Here!

YPTC’s Government Funding Department is led by Derick Dreher, Ph.D.

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A former executive director of a nonprofit, he has 25 years of experience in successfully applying for government funding, and has also served as a reviewer for both federal and state agencies, and foundation funders. If a grant is awarded to your nonprofit, YPTC will manage federal monies, set up appropriate controls, negotiate indirect cost agreements (NICRA) and prepare for federal audits.

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