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How We Work

YPTC Can Work Onsite or In Your Office

Flexibility you can count on.

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While YPTC’s traditional model is to have our staff come to you and work on-site, we are experts in the art of remote work.

Through extensive training and process improvement, we are able to offer the same great service remotely. Onsite or virtually, a mutually beneficial partnership will develop naturally. Regular interactions with your staff whether via video chat, phone call, email or in-person, encourage opportunities for relationship building and trust. We become part of your team, available to answer your questions, at your schedule, and are directly invested in the success of your nonprofit organization.

We customize our services to your unique organizational needs. Whether coming to your office or working virtually one day a month or several days a week, we’re there for you – and with you.

At YPTC we provide that extra “personal touch” in our onsite and remote accounting services, not easily found elsewhere.



Our work can be performed onsite at your place of business, with your records and with your accounting software, so you will have convenient access to our staff. You can pose questions and have the type of interactions that you want and need from your controller. We believe that working directly with you and your staff facilitates continuous communication and support by addressing any questions or issues promptly.



Our Associates have the capability and willingness to work remotely and service our clients virtually. Communication with your Associate and Manager will be seamless via videoconferencing, phone, and email. Virtual communication can be supplemented by face to face interactions as needed. YPTC is able to work with the remote capabilities you already have in place, or develop a combination of systems that works best for you. YPTC provides the same great service, only virtually.

Trust YPTC. All staff are provided with company-issued laptops and latest technology upon hiring.

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