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We Help Libraries Take Care of the Books

We help libraries thrive

Libraries are hubs of information and are transforming into spaces for community activities, social services, virtual offices, cyber connectivity, and more – all while still managing collections.  


To thrive in the ongoing evolution, today’s libraries need a clear financial picture. Knowing your financial story is key to planning, funding growth, and gaining community support. YPTC helps its diverse library clients understand their financial story and share it with their stakeholders in a compelling way.  

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Our offerings encompass customized ongoing or interim accounting and Controller/CFO solutions, as well as specialized services, including:



We don’t often think of financial information in terms of inviting the reader into the story of community impact. Yet, understanding your financial data is a crucial part of managing, planning, and promoting your public image.  


YPTC articulates the big-picture financial overview as well as the stories in the details. 



Like a good picture book, we take financial information and format it visually. These elements tune out the noise allowing the reader to quickly interpret the information, helping convey observations, discoveries, and recommendations to your Board, donors, staff, and the public.  


YPTC illustrates your information to educate and quickly inform. 



A well-planned budget reflects your library’s community footprint. The process to create this real-world, library-mission-focused budget happens all year long. It’s more than just a planning tool for Directors, Fiscal Officers, and Boards; it’s an educational tool for donors, staff, and the community. It’s a springboard for grant procurement. 


YPTC economizes resources, budgeting, and grant procurement. 



Paying your library’s qualified staff a competitive wage is strategic. As the library needs change and the cost of employing qualified staff increases, consider outside resources. Often, outside services can be more cost-effective, leaving room in the budget for internal staff. Remember, outside services could be ongoing or one-time projects like assistance with budget preparation, grant procurement, or strategic planning. We can also serve as temporary help while the library searches for additional in-house personnel. 


YPTC helps our library clients find stability and plan for growth.  


Specialized Experience

YPTC’s Arts & Culture team has experience assisting libraries of every kind. Our clients include public libraries, advanced research libraries, law libraries, art libraries, science libraries, and rare book libraries (in fact, YPTC’s very first client back in 1993 was a rare book library). We understand the issues facing today’s libraries and can provide guidance on a wide range of topics, including financial management and planning, fundraising, special collections, and more.  


Reach out, YPTC is here to help with resources and experienced staff.  

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Challenge Accepted! -- When Outsourced Accounting Makes Sense for Libraries

On a rainy day, in a cozy chair, reading a thrilling novel, you turn the page… and the last chapter is missing.  

That feeling of loss is like managing your library without a clear financial picture. There’s missing information. Outsourcing can be a temporary or permanent controllable cost that completes your financial story.  YPTC is available to assist with resources and experienced staff who understand the ins and outs of many kinds of libraries. 

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Asha Vyas and Justine Townsend Lead Our Library Vertical.
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