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Why Do We Work with Nonprofits?

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“Building better accounting departments… so our nonprofit clients can build a better world.”

That’s what we believe in, and our talented staff chooses to work with us because they earnestly believe in building a better world, too. Unlike many controller firms, we specialize exclusively in the nonprofit sector. We have a shorter learning curve and can hit the decks running when we start our engagement. Whether you’re working in the arts or social services, association management or community development, chances are we’ve seen – and solved – whatever financial question that’s got you going crazy.

While we’re on your site or working virtually we quickly absorb the details about your organization and your field. As an independent, objective outsider, we have the best seat in the house to learn about your cash flows, funding streams, financial concerns and control challenges. This puts us in an excellent position to make recommendations that strengthen your processes and make your important work more efficient and effective.

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No two nonprofits are the same. Their financial reporting needs, the size and capabilities of the staff, the board of directors’ preferences, and the organizational dynamics all vary. Our work is customized, adapting to your needs while adhering to professional standards. We listen to you and find out what you need and how your board, donors, and funders would like financial information presented. We then work with you to design systems, policies and procedures that meet your goals.

What We Believe In

We specialize in working with nonprofits for one reason and one reason only: because they’re doing good deeds for society, they make our work rewarding. We’re not interested in helping someone cheat on their taxes or produce cheaper widgets. We want to give something back. Whatever your social cause, we want to take your accounting worries off your mind so you can concentrate on your mission.

Find out for yourself what so many other nonprofit organizations have discovered: bringing in a part-time controller means you can focus on what you do best – making a difference.

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