Trying to find the right fit for your career without going full-time? While we offer full-time positions, working part-time with YPTC can be a flexible way to enjoy client work while helping nonprofit organizations achieve their missions. We spoke with some of our part-time Associates and Managers to learn more about their career paths and how YPTC’s inclusive options can accommodate their schedules and provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

  • Gerald Lalonde, Associate: After a long career in corporate accounting, I decided to retire to spend more time with family, traveling, and boating. I also wanted to use my experience to help support the missions of not-for-profits, and YPTC offered me the opportunity to do that part-time. The support and training offered are extensive and are especially helpful for those of us coming from a corporate background. The benefits are generous, including pro-rata paid vacation, PTO, 401K match, home computers, and stipends for miscellaneous technical expenses. All-in-all, YPTC has been an excellent part-time choice for me, allowing me to tailor my work to fit my schedule.
  • Michele Tobiassen, Associate: Working part-time at YPTC has allowed me the freedom to do what I love, and it allows me to remain present in my personal life. Working with my clients fulfills my need to continue to grow professionally while also being there for my kids. And to top it off, I am also helping to financially support my family. I couldn’t ask for more!
  • Elizabeth Williams, Associate: I started at YPTC as a full-time employee, but when I had my first child, I realized I wanted to spend more time at home. YPTC management helped me seamlessly transition from full-time to part-time. So many of my friends had to choose between their job or spending quality time with their kids—I consider myself truly blessed that I didn’t have to make that choice! Working part-time has been the best of both worlds for me, and it works great for my family. I know there are a lot of working parents at YPTC who get to have the same experience that I do, and it’s so nice to have the full support of the staff and management on this parenting/working journey!
  • Nicole Frisina, Manager: When I first joined YPTC, I was full-time. Then in 2017, I went on maternity leave and upon returning, I began working part-time. For about two years, I supported one client and was able to pick up an extra client or offer support when needed. Then in January 2020, I was asked to become a manager, but I still needed the flexibility of a part-time schedule. What I love most about YPTC is that they respected that. I remember talking to New York City Director, Ellie Hume, and Managing Partner, Jennifer Alleva, and both communicating that they wanted to work with what would be best for me and my family. Because of this, I was able to become the first part-time manager in the company. Also, when the pandemic happened a couple of months later, I was less available than I had anticipated, but I was told to continue doing the best that I can and that I would be able to accept more responsibility when I was ready to do so. That level of flexibility is something that I’ve always loved, but I appreciate it even more now as a manager.
  • Rachel DeMatteo, Senior Manager: I’ve been at YPTC’s NYC office for eight years and was full-time for the first seven. Before YPTC, I worked with nonprofits, both as an auditor and employee. When I learned about YPTC, I was excited to be involved with so many mission-driven organizations and to help them from the inside rather than auditing from the outside. When I learned I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted an extended maternity leave. I was able to take seven months off and enjoy that time with my baby due to YPTC’s generous parental leave policy and supplemental disability insurance. I had expected to come back full-time, then COVID happened. At the end of my leave, there was still so much uncertainty in the world, and I didn’t know whether to come back or extend my leave, but after chatting with Ellie Hume, the YPTC New York City Director, she suggested working part-time. Part-time has been a fantastic option during a period of my life where there was a lot of change going on. It has allowed me to continue learning and growing and being a part of the firm’s growth, even while I have these personal priorities as well.
  • Jerilyn Dressler, Strategic Partnerships Manager: I have always felt connected to YPTC despite being part-time; I have never felt “othered” because of my part-time status and in fact, just about all the benefits that are afforded to full-time staff are also provided to part-timers. For example, we get to take full advantage of YPTC’s third-party education/CPE policy without it being pro-rated for the days we work. This also demonstrates how much training and education are valued within YPTC. It feels great to work for a company that not only provides great services for the nonprofits that make our communities better but also provides a variety of opportunities regardless of where you are on your career trajectory!

YPTC’s part-time employees are valuable members of the team and help us maintain our flexible and people-focused culture. As a part-time staff member, not only will you enjoy the same growth and development opportunities, but you are also eligible for many of the same benefits as those working full-time.

Your Part-Time Controller, LLC is currently hiring for part-time positions nationwide. If you are an accounting professional looking for flexibility and an opportunity to use your skills for good, contact us today or apply now. We can’t wait to meet you!