Our Culture

YPTC believes in Trust, Support, Education, Integrity, Community and Strong Relationships.

YPTC FOSTERS: A Culture of Trust

In our employees as experienced, mature, professionals allowing for an environment which provides guidelines rather than edicts. In turn, our clients trust us to be nonprofit accounting experts.

YPTC PROVIDES: A Culture of Support

As colleagues we share expertise, solutions and ideas; everyone has a voice. Our clients feel supported by our ability to not only do the job at hand, but we care enough to make recommendations for improvements when we see the need.

YPTC ENCOURAGES: A Culture of Education

As a continuing education sponsor, we invest heavily in the training of our staff, enabling them to educate our clients on best practices and emerging nonprofit issues.

YPTC CHAMPIONS: A Culture of Integrity

Guaranteeing honest and ethical practices in our business etiquette and expecting the same in return from our clients.

YPTC ENJOYS: A Culture of Community

It is our mission to nurture a community environment with our staff and clients. We believe in celebrating each other’s successes, volunteering our time, and often sponsoring charitable events.

YPTC BUILDS: A Culture of Strong Relationships

We believe that clear and consistent communication with our colleagues and clients builds mutually beneficial relationships that last. This is the guiding force behind our Prime Directive: Never Let A Colleague Be Blindsided.

  • In Black and White we do accounting right!
  • Our YPTC family gets silly too
  • Giving back in true Philly style
  • YPTC encourages A Wider Circle of caring and compassion
  • Accounting smarts all the way, baby!
  • We're not afraid to strike a pose
  • And now I'm ready for my close up!
  • Here's to you Eric! We're all in this together
  • Empowered women in non-profit
  • The men and women of YPTC at work.
  • All accountants go surfing....surfing USA!
  • We got this...because we're worth it!
  • Go on, take a closer look!
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