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Ellie Hume

"The clients we work with are awesome..."


I’m the first YPTC transplant: I moved from the Washington office to the New York office. I was living in D.C. and was looking for a job. I was interviewing for the position that YPTC’s Washington manager, Hatsy Cutshall, had just left. As I was going through the interview process I realized that it wasn’t going to be a good fit. I asked Hatsy if she knew of any other openings anywhere and she said, ‘As a matter of fact, Your Part-Time Controller is hiring!’

Several months later, we were at a staff meeting discussing how YPTC was getting more work in New York and needed associates to work there. I offered to go: I thought, ‘Why not? New York City ought to be fun!’ I spent several months commuting from D.C. on Amtrak, and finally made the move to New York a few months later. The commute was exhausting, but it’s a lot easier now.

It’s been a heck of a year. It’s exciting and I’m very busy. I get bored easily so I constantly like having new challenges to get through. Every new client is a challenge so I never get bored. The clients we work with are awesome! They’re all interesting people doing meaningful things, which gives my work meaning. Our clients know their accounting systems need repair and they not only let us come in to do our jobs, they also tell us how glad they are that we’re fixing things and they’re never defensive about it. Plus, I get to educate people on what their information means and how to use it. It’s why I love the nonprofit accounting world.

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