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Youth Development Specialization

We help create pathways for a brighter future.


YPTC proudly supports Youth Development Organizations.

Youth development is a process that prepares a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood to achieve his or her full potential.

These organizations include Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Similarly, YPTC can prepare our Youth Development organizations to meet the challenges of managing their financials to ensure stability and growth capacity.

Equipping Your Programs to Thrive

Youth development organizations play a vital role in supporting the success of young people and shaping our future. To effectively fulfill their mission, these organizations rely on proper accounting and finance practices. These practices enable them to manage budgets, track expenses, and ensure financial sustainability. YPTC can help with creating budgets, overseeing cash flow, monitoring financial performance, and more!

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We provide ongoing and interim accounting and Controller/CFO solutions, as well as specialized services, including: 



Youth Development organizations not only track their financials and donors, but also their youth enrollment and attendance.  As a trusted partner, we can support the integration between your enrollment and accounting systems, delivering a seamless solution tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive understanding of these software systems ensures smooth coordination between operational and accounting functions, empowering you to maximize efficiency and focus on your core mission. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your organization's data management capabilities.


Coordinate Finance/RD

We efficiently coordinate development and finance teams to manage special events and donations. Our experts reconcile disparate systems seamlessly, ensuring accurate financial reporting. Streamline processes for harmonious collaboration and informed decision-making.


Grant Management

We help manage allocations and track expenditures. Our team of specialists ensures meticulous tracking of funds, allowing you to stay informed about where resources are allocated and how they are utilized. We specialize in identifying and managing restricted grants, ensuring compliance with donor requirements, and maximizing the impact of your funding.



We streamline your Chart of Accounts, implement electronic bill payments, and foster efficient process improvement. We optimize your accounting system for smoother operations and better financial management.

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Patti Withington is a Director with YPTC. Patti first joined YPTC in 2011 as an Associate and then made the switch in 2014 to lead YPTC’s sales activities until 2017, when she left to become CEO of a local Boys & Girls Club nonprofit organization. Patti returned to YPTC in 2023 and assumed her current position as Director to lead the Remote Services Prime Market. Patti has over 30 years of accounting and finance experience including 20 years of nonprofit experience: as CEO of a Boys & Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and CFO of an Arc organization. Patti has had the opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives through the nonprofits she supports. Her passion is seeing nonprofits succeed with strong financial management practices so they can strategically continue to impact those they serve.

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