Your Part-Time Controller, LLC hosted its National Annual Awards meeting on Thursday, December 15th!

The highly anticipated event’s theme varies annually, with 2022’s edition aptly titled ‘YPTC Since 1993’ to commemorate the company’s upcoming 30th anniversary. While there are thematic differences year by year, one important aspect of the two-hour celebration never changes: the opportunity to connect with peers and applaud one another on important accomplishments.

Nostalgia was the name of the game to bring ‘YPTC Since 1993’ to life, with each element of the event curated to transport staff back to the year YPTC was founded. Presentations were peppered with 90s imagery, videos had the look of dusted-off VHS tapes (some pop culture favorites were revived as well), and the annual prize box featured a few touches reminiscent of the decade.

In her opening remarks, Managing Partner Jennifer Alleva reflected on the year and its numerous successes.

Eric Fraint, YPTC’s President and Founder, subsequently shared insights focused on the current state of the firm and future initiatives. He also welcomed Human Resources Director Mary Dagney and Dr. Brandi Baldwin to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion.

After a brief break to open prize boxes, audiences geared up for the awards!

First up were the Culture Awards. YPTC’s Champions of Culture were those who, throughout the year, overarchingly exemplified the company’s seven cultural pillars of Integrity, Equity, Strong Relationships, Education, Trust, Support, and Community.

The #YPTCLife Awards followed, which spotlighted funny, heartwarming, and interesting happenings in the YPTC sphere. There were over 400 submissions in this category, with a few highlights being ‘YPTC Mascots’, ‘YPTC in Exotic Places’, and ‘YPTC Halloween’.

Departmental recognitions were then presented to staff members who achieved excellence in specific areas of expertise such as presenting, financial reporting, and more. At the conclusion of this portion, it was time for the show’s grand finale: The Mentor of the Year Award.

The Mentor of the Year Award is YPTC’s most prestigious honor. It is given to an individual who exhibited unwavering dedication to the success of their peers. This year, nominees were from all nine of YPTC’s regions and included Remote Services Manager Jeanne Shotwell and Houston Associate Ade Odeneye.

With a short drum roll and great pleasure, Jennifer Alleva announced the winner as Ade Odeneye, who received a record-breaking 20 nominations. Excerpts were then read from nomination submissions, which echoed sentiments attesting to Ade’s inspirational and empowering nature, calm demeanor, and tireless level of support.

With that, YPTC’s 2022 Annual Awards concluded with a resounding round of applause.

Thank you to all who made the event possible, and congratulations to all nominees and winners.

And a very special congratulations to Ade Odeneye on his well-deserved triumph of Mentor of the Year!


Ericka Blair
Mary Dagney
Kasey Henry
Jenn Kueny
Heidi Pelczar
Julie Powers
Michele Tobiassen
Haley Willis
Angela Hebert
Angela Kampanis
Carly Smith
Christina Burr
Cody Golub
Gary Williams
Helen Fox
Holly Walsh
Jenn Kueny
Josh Halko
Julianne Spingler
Karen Campbell
Kate Urmeneta
Kelly Gerber
Lisa DiBella
Marc Jones
Matthew Pochal
Michael Sitowitz
Mimi Ugljes
Sam Trembly
Steven Serino
Teri Ten Eyck
Terri Pham
Titibeth Castro
Tracy Bible