Asha Vyas has an innate sense of adventure—one that has been apparent throughout her life, and now, her career at Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC).

Asha was born to Indian immigrants in Ohio, where she was also subsequently raised. While most of her childhood was spent in Ohio, her family led a roaming lifestyle filled with trips that exposed Asha to new people, places, and things.

“Growing up, my parents treated the U.S. as one big tourist attraction, and that is when I developed my love of travel,” she recalled.

Naturally, Asha became an explorer at heart—a trait that was highly apparent in her time as a student at Wright State University in Dayton. While at college, Asha pursued several interests such as computer programming, marketing, and of course, accounting.

Accounting turned out to be the major stepping stone in Asha’s career journey; it proved to be a field where she could continue moving and expressing herself creatively. Her first job as a post-graduate was as a Box Office Accountant for Ogden Allied Entertainment. “I settled shows like Guns N’ Roses, Usher, Frank Sinatra, The Judds—and wait for it—MC Hammer and Air Supply,” she elaborated.

Though working with musical acts certainly catered to her creative side, Asha’s proclivity for travel influenced her next moves. She worked for the map company Rand McNally until she relocated to Boston and started work as an Accounts Receivable Manager at SalesLink. When her son was born, she decided to take time off to raise her family.

Asha returned to work, and Ohio, a few years later and began her tenure as the Fiscal Officer for the Tipp City Public Library. With an emphasis on nonprofit finance, and opportunities to work with data visualization, this role laid the groundwork for Asha’s interest in YPTC.

In 2021, Asha applied for a part-time Staff Accountant position in YPTC’s burgeoning remote services sector—she had been at Tipp City Public Library for several years and she was ready to navigate to a new era.

On this, Asha said, “It was one of the few accounting opportunities that was both remote and part-time. Coming from the library world, I was interested in YPTC because of their nonprofit focus.”

Asha officially started as a part-time Staff Accountant in December 2021, but it wasn’t long before she sought to lend her unique repertoire of skills to other department initiatives at the company.

“I was always intrigued by the idea that an accountant could participate in other departments at YPTC. I reached out to the Training Administration Group and was offered a presenting spot at Block Training. I really enjoyed that experience, and my managers recognized that. They then offered to shift me to the training department,” Asha stated.

Now, Asha works as a Training Content Specialist where she develops, writes, and presents relevant educational materials. YPTC’s collaborative culture and focus on growth allow Asha to explore within her role. And, working remotely with a flexible schedule, allows her to explore outside of it.

In her world of wandering adventure, Asha doesn’t usually predict where she’ll be next. However, the level of support and possibility present at YPTC has made it a home for her, and she has no plans to leave.

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