It’s officially spring, and at Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, that means it’s Block Training season!

Block Training, named for its “blocks of time” session structure, is both a cornerstone of the company’s culture and a chance for staff from all over the country to learn and connect. Prior to 2020, it was held in-person in Philadelphia. However, this year, YPTC celebrated its second virtual Block Training, which was aptly titled “Spring into Action: Communicating with Purpose.” The annual event featured several networking opportunities and six educational sessions. These sessions focused on incorporating effective communication methods to build relationships and properly utilize technical tools and remote resources.

The first session of the day, “Can You Hear Me Now? Active Listening in the Remote Environment,” was led by Phoenix Manager Deanna Peterson and New York Manager Genevieve Sapp. This interactive presentation broke down the pillars of active listening through discussions with various YPTC staff members and a feature on cultural competence by the YPTC Equity Committee.

Interpersonal relationship-building between peers, and clients, was also highlighted in guest speaker Mary Abbajay’s session based on her bestselling book, “Managing Up: How to Succeed with Any Type of Boss or Client.” In it, Mary discussed how to strengthen the overall collaborative process by identifying varying personality types and work styles.

Marc Jones and Bill Schwab from YPTC’s Data Visualization Group (DVG) and Phoenix Manager Dan Tritch spearheaded the more technical track of Block Training with their respective sessions.

DVG’s “MERT 101: Intro to Month-End Reporting Transformation” saw the exciting unveiling of an updated approach to financial statement memo design based on the core graphical elements of YPTC’s own “JD Standard.” With a little help from the YPTC marketing team and Quality Control’s Holly Walsh, Dan Tritch broke down each of the collaboration and productivity software tools available in the YPTC Toolkit, and how to use them the “YPTC Way.”

Block Training 2022 concluded with Staff Accountant Asha Vyas’ session, “Influencing Without Formal Authority,” In this session, Vyas outlined ways to authentically communicate verbally and non-verbally to establish trust with colleagues and clients.

YPTC proudly provided CPE credits to staff members for each Block Training session, as well as opportunities for staff to engage with their colleagues face-to-face through networking breakouts and in-session chats on a new interactive event platform.

While Block Training may be over, the invaluable tips and techniques taught throughout the day will continue paving the way for YPTC staff to spring into action and communicate with purpose.

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