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Arts & Culture Specialization

Helping to Solve Financial Problems. Creatively.

We help arts organizations prioritize the efficient use of resources!

Since before the Medici’s were the patrons of DaVinci and Michelangelo, the arts have had limited resources, an over reliance on donors, and a need to manage the efficient use of resources.  
For over 30 years Arts & Culture organizations have trusted YPTC with their accounting and financial management. 


Performing Arts

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 Justine Townsend, Manager, and Leader of YPTC's Arts & Culture Specialization. 

Justine Townsend, CPA, is a lover of the arts and has worked with many arts organizations, she is also an adjunct professor of Financial Management of the Arts for the University of Houston’s Master of Arts Leadership program. She has served in financial leadership roles and as an auditor for nonprofits for over 16 years. Justine uses her in-depth knowledge of nonprofit financial management and passion for service to the arts, to assist arts organizations achieve their missions.

In addition, Justine is backed by numerous colleagues at YPTC who are passionate about the arts and have experience helping arts and culture organizations reach their full potential.

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