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Arts Supporting Services & Education Specialization

We Support Those Who Support The Arts!

Whether you are collaborating with local artists, educating future artists or facilitating artistic endeavors, we ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

The Arts Rely on You. You Can Rely On Us.

Now, more than ever, support for the arts is crucial for success and sustainability. Arts Supporting Services & Education organizations help contribute to the robust arts and culture community.


Trust us to deliver accurate and timely financial statements so you can focus on supporting, educating, and funding artists, organizations, and projects through your programmatic initiatives.

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You have mission priorities. We empower your mission success.


You strive to support, educate, and facilitate an artistic, cultural, and creative community. We manage your financials—however complicated they may be—so you can focus on nurturing a thriving art scene.



We work with you to develop compelling financial narratives, including reports and visuals that capture and underscore your stakeholders’ stories. In addition to our standard financial reporting package, our Data Visualization team can build custom dashboards to illustrate your progress towards goals of all kinds including your DEAI progress, analysis of KPIs relevant to you, community engagement, financial results, even grant tracking. We will help you implement best practices on the important aspects of your financials and audits and will help you track the information to stay audit-ready year-round!



As a community-focused organization, you likely rely on a diverse funding mix to achieve your impact goals. We systematically track your tuition, program fees, memberships, sponsorships, and grants to ensure your revenues including donor restrictions reflect your financial health facilitating optimal donor stewardship while pursuing additional funding. We are experts in non-profit accounting and experienced with recording and monitoring special events, memberships, as well as donor-restricted and conditional grants, including endowments.



We use technology to create efficiencies and unlock the financial insights hidden in the numbers. We gather data to help balance the needs of your staff, patrons, donors, and artists—all while staying conscious of your budget. We can help you get the best financial information from not just your accounting system but also your patron, donor management, and other software.


Grant Tracking

We ensure that your internal controls are aligned with the requirements of your funders, taking the sting out of reporting on grants of any kind. We also make it easy for you to track the deliverables of those you are supporting. We even have an government funding department that expands your capacity by helping you locate and apply for a variety of government (and foundation) grants.

Read a few of our Arts Supporting & Education Testimonials:

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Justine Townsend, Manager, and Leader of YPTC's Arts & Culture Specialization. 

Justine Townsend, CPA, is a lover of the arts and has worked with many arts organizations, she is also an adjunct professor of Financial Management of the Arts for the University of Houston’s Master of Arts Leadership program. She has served in financial leadership roles and as an auditor for nonprofits for over 16 years. Justine uses her in-depth knowledge of nonprofit financial management and passion for service to the arts, to assist arts organizations achieve their missions.

In addition, Justine is backed by numerous colleagues at YPTC who are passionate about the arts and have experience helping arts and culture organizations reach their full potential.

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