Building professional relationships is an art, and at Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC), there’s one team who has perfected the process: Strategic Partnerships! Made up of seasoned accountants who understand the needs of nonprofits inside and out, this department serves as YPTC’s face at conferences, networking events, and more. Now, we’re looking closer at that “face” by highlighting its members, their careers, and their individual approaches to building YPTC’s client base.


Jerilyn 300x300 HeadshotJerilyn Keit Dressler, Director of Strategic Partnerships

I was born and raised in Queens, though I have now lived in Philadelphia for almost 20 years. I went to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and I was the first person in my family to attend an Ivy League school. I graduated with a B.S. in economics, and I majored in accounting and entrepreneurial management with a minor in Spanish. While at Wharton, I completed a summer internship with Ernst & Young, which segued into my first post-college job.

While at Ernst & Young, I participated in the “Business on Board” program with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia. This program provided training for senior managers to join the boards of nonprofit arts organizations, and Eric Fraint taught one of the classes! After this experience, I was sold on the idea of working with mission-based organizations. So, when another board member of the nonprofit I was matched with through the program submitted my resume to YPTC, the rest was history!

I’ve now been with YPTC for almost fifteen years. For the first twelve, I was an Associate serving Philadelphia-area nonprofits. It was during the pandemic that my role began to shift. Because of the need to adapt to a remote work environment, YPTC quickly became a national company with the ability to work with nonprofits anywhere. In that transition, I worked with YPTC leadership, and we recognized a need to foster partnerships on a national level, seek out new opportunities to present and teach, and work with Market Leaders on their strategic partnerships. And thus, the Strategic Partnerships department was born. Since then, weI have continued to work on these initial goals, and to gain referrals and new clients by building trust and demonstrating YPTC’s expertise.

YPTC’s culture has been crucial to the success of our department, with support standing out as the key pillar. From the very beginning, our leadership—and Managing Partner Jennifer Alleva in particular—encouraged me to take initiative, work collaboratively, and most importantly, try new things even where success wasn’t guaranteed.

I believe that the development of my position and department prove that the possibilities at YPTC are endless. We have over 1500 clients around the U.S. now, and one day, I believe there will be another 0 at the end of that number and we will expand internationally. For my department and me, that means more opportunities to explore, more relationships to build, and more people to get to know.


Amina Bell, Associate Amina Headshot_300x300

I went to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and received a B.S. in economics. For graduate school, I attended the New School and studied socio-economic development with an M.A. in international affairs.

After my graduate studies, I was searching for a job that merged my accounting skills with my desire to help organizations doing good in their communities. I also wanted to work for an organization that would allow me to have a good work-life balance, as I had young children. So, YPTC was a great fit!

I started as a Staff Accountant for our internal Controller’s office in Philadelphia. Then, I transitioned to client work before being promoted to an Associate. In this position, I was able to explore other interests and have worked within the Sales and Talent Acquisition departments. Now, I split my time between client work and Strategic Partnerships.

In my new role, I am excited to help build partnerships that support our staff and clients and contribute to the company’s growth. YPTC’s culture of collaboration bridges different departments so that everyone works together, and this encourages strategic initiatives that build strong external relationships.

Because of this, I see continued opportunities for professional growth, and that makes me want to continue my career at YPTC.


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