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Have You Ever Loved a Company So Much That You’d Refer Your Best Friend for a Job?

Elizabeth Williams and Melissa Pennypacker moved throughout childhood, adolescence, and their teens together, but they didn't expect to work at the same company as adults. The two grew up in the

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The American Nonprofit Academy: Ask & Answer

Your Part-Time Controller, LLC is proud to sponsor the American Nonprofit Academy Ask & Answer show! In this episode, Co-hosts respond to questions from nonprofits received this past week, including nonprofit

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Jennifer Alleva Featured on The Nonprofit Show Corona Chronicles

April 15 UPDATE! CARES ACT AND PAYCHECK LOANS. Managing Partner of Your Part Time Controller, Jennifer Alleva, catches us up to date on how fast the funding is going out,

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What Services Can YPTC Provide for Your Nonprofit?

For 27 years and counting, YPTC helps to build stronger nonprofits, one accounting department at a time. With over 700 nonprofit clients from coast-to-coast, YPTC  assists  with their financial management

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Webinar: Staying Afloat

Download the materials from our 4/3/2020 webinar: Staying Afloat

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Video: How Much is It Costing You to Operate?

Eric Fraint discusses how and why nonprofits need to reframe their cost of operations on the American Nonprofit Academy NPO Talk Show! "Eric Fraint, CPA discusses how and why nonprofits need

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Tanya Pal Named Manager of Houston Office

Your Part-Time Controller is proud to announce the hiring of Tanya B. Pal as Manager of our Houston office. In this role she will help support our expanding staff and

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YPTC “Steps Up” to the Challenge of a 50-Story Stair Climb

If you cannot breathe, nothing else matters. Since 1904, the American Lung Association has been leading the fight against lung cancer, smoking, air pollution, cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD, and tuberculosis.

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Mentor of the Year Recognized

As part of our ongoing commitment to staff training and development and enhancing a culture of support, YPTC has long recognized the power of staff members to serve as mentors

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YPTC Staff Earn “Champions of Culture” Awards

YPTC’s corporate culture is widely praised by our clients and staff for fostering a climate based upon six guiding principles: trust, support, education, integrity, community, and strong relationships. We embrace

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