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Design Trust for Public Space

"Helped set me up for success…"


The Design Trust for Public Space was founded in 1995 to unlock the potential of New York City’s shared spaces. Today, the Design Trust is a nationally-recognized incubator that transforms and evolves New York’s landscape by partnering with city agencies and community collaborators. From parks and plazas to streets and public buildings, the Design Trust brings design expertise and thinking into the public realm and serves as a catalyst to deliver innovative and feasible solutions that address design excellence, environmental sustainability, mobility, and neighborhood revitalization.

Matthew F. Clarke was named Executive Director in May, 2020. “Your Part-Time Controller has been really helpful for me as a new executive director to have the benefit of their strong oversight and intelligence about our finances and our financial planning,” he says. “YPTC has helped set me up for success, which is great.”

The Design Trust is a small organization with eight full-time staff, and Clarke praises YPTC’s support. “They’ve given us the capacity to perform like a much larger organization,” he says.

Clarke also appreciates that YPTC not only serves as a controller with the Design Trust’s in-house bookkeeper, but also offers a broader view. “One of the benefits is that we get a controller who works not just for the Design Trust, but also with other clients. That gives us an awareness and the wherewithal to learn about trends in the market. It’s not just about delivering work for us; it’s also more strategic having this wider perspective.”

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