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Friendly House

"They just jumped right in…."


Jerry Mendoza was named Interim President and CEO of Friendly House in early 2019 during what he freely calls a turbulent time for the multi-services organization that has served the metro Phoenix region since 1920. Friendly House empowers Arizona’s communities through education and human services and conducts a wide array of programs. A focus on elementary education is conducted through the Early Childhood Development Center and their K-8 charter school, Academia del Pueblo. Adult education, workforce development and family immigration services help build workforce readiness and education. Family support services include a college and career readiness program, parent education and drug prevention programs, and emergency support services. The result is the building of resilient communities that are helping to spur Arizona’s economic development, stabilize neighborhoods and revitalize Phoenix.

“Without YPTC’s help we wouldn’t have made it to our 100th year,” exclaims Mendoza. “I just can’t thank them enough – they were real lifesavers. What they did was incredible.”

YPTC was already working on the organization’s audit when a massive turnover of the executive and financial staffs occurred. Mendoza asked YPTC if they could stay on and assist with getting everything back in order.

“They just jumped right in and helped us understand what was happening. They came in with no one to guide them and got us operational. They cleaned up a lot of things that were being done incorrectly. It made a huge difference for us and enabled me to keep this place running. It was a pretty amazing team the way they divvied things up and got things done. Together we got through the storm and came out the other side just fine. I couldn’t have made those decisions without their help,” he says.

Mendoza describes what he calls a huge difference between an accountant who just gives you a numbers report and a partnership with Your Part-Time Controller. “YPTC goes the next step and works with you and gives you the whole story. They tell you how you got there and give you something you can show to your Board in an intelligent way. I don’t have to try and figure out what the numbers mean,” he adds.

“Considering what they came in to and what they started with is amazing. There was dedication and never any hesitation. They dove right in and got things stable, and now they’re taking a look at how they can help us in the future. They not just here to clean up your books but instead they help you make intelligent decisions going forward. I can’t ask for more – they’ve been incredible.”

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