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"They’ve done so much to help us get our house in order"

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“Pets Helping Kids” is the motto of Gabriel’s Angels, the Arizona-based nonprofit that delivers free healing human-animal bond therapy services to vulnerable children across the state. The organization was founded in 2000 by Pam Gaber and her Weimaraner, Gabriel. Today, some 85 registered volunteer Pet Therapy teams visit 2,300 children each year at 75 partner agencies statewide, bringing the healing power of pets to domestic violence and homeless shelters, Title I schools, group homes, and after-school programs. These interventions enhance abused and at-risk children’s social and emotional development by teaching such core behaviors as attachment, confidence, self-regulation, affiliation, empathy, tolerance, and respect.

“We love working with YPTC!” exclaims Melissa Steimer, Chief Executive Officer, who came on board in 2021. Gaber had already left and Steimer had only one day to meet with the outgoing CFO to try to get a handle on the organization’s finances and organizational history while trying to rebuild during the pandemic. She called YPTC’s Phoenix office manager Dan Tritch, who was “a lifesaver. He was able to hop on over here at a moment’s notice. We met with the outgoing CFO and we absorbed as much as we could in one day.”

Steimer quickly convinced the Board of Directors that outsourcing the financial work was more affordable than hiring a new CFO, and YPTC began helping the organization to move forward. “What I see in YPTC is a company working in the space of nonprofits across Arizona and the U.S. that has the expertise in the best ways to organize our financials to be efficient. It’s a no-brainer,” she adds. “Why should I do this work in-house when I have the opportunity to work with someone who knows what others are doing, what the industry standards, trends and best practices are, and who can help us use our dollars more effectively towards the services we provide? I was sold right away.”

Today, the Board of Directors appreciates YPTC’s financial reports and dashboards that help them to better understand the fiscal picture. “YPTC is amazing. We’ve come miles away from where we were. We know we’re learning from the best experts out there for knowledge and support. They’re helping us to be fiscal stewards of our dollars. They’ve done so much to help us get our house in order. You don’t have to hire someone in-house when you have an amazing organization like this.”



“YPTC’s history over 30 years is amazing!”

“Speaking as someone who’s been with an organization that’s been around for 23 years, I can say that YPTC’s history over 30 years is amazing. I can only hope that we are as supportive of our community, and give back to the community, as they have been. YPTC is lending their talent and expertise and engaging within the nonprofit space, even to organizations that aren’t their clients. They are a needed part of the nonprofit community, and I congratulate them for it!”

                                                — Melissa Steimer, Chief Executive Officer

                                                   Gabriel’s Angels

                                                   Phoenix, Ariz.

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