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"Their assessment was thorough and exceptional"

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Founded in 1979, Intercultural Family Services, Inc. is an independent nonprofit human services agency serving the needs of children and families in the Greater Philadelphia area. Its culturally competent, collaborative family-centered programs help stabilize, strengthen and unite families, individuals and diverse communities. Intercultural Family Services, Inc. provides: intensive and out-patient behavioral health services for children with mental, emotional and behavioral health needs; treatment of adolescents at risk for delinquent or disruptive behaviors; family interventions for at-risk youths; truancy prevention; the Healthy Start Program that engages pregnant and parenting women with health and social services and case management; and a Housing Counseling Program that assists participants to become and remain homeowners through wise money management and budgeting. Through individualized treatment planning, Intercultural Family Services helps clients address existential factors and achieve social and emotional stability while empowering them to meet the challenges of everyday life and build a firm foundation for a bright future.

During a period of transition when Javi Alvarado, LCSW, came on board as President & CEO, the interim CEO shared information about YPTC. Alvarado did additional research and engaged YPTC to conduct an assessment which turned out to be extremely beneficial.

“Their assessment was thorough and exceptional. And everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful,” he recalls. “They took time to explain the process and their outreach was professional. They are clearly experts in their field. They have a really profound understanding of the landscape and the intricacies of nonprofit financial operations.”

Alvarado recalls that YPTC’s meticulous work allows Intercultural Family Services to address areas that needed strengthening. YPTC’s team worked closely with staff and fostered open communication and sharing of knowledge. “Because of that collaborative spirit, our people felt comfortable opening up and sharing and that led me to accept their assessment. They laid the groundwork and provided detailed and actionable recommendations that are invaluable. As we transition with new hires those processes will be much easier using the blueprint that YPTC provided.”

Alvarado expresses his gratitude to the entire YPTC team. “They clearly work with a lot of nonprofits,” he notes. “We gained a lot of insights from their assessment that have resulted in positive change and enhancements in our financial operations. They deliver topnotch, quality service and I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

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