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International Legal Technology Association

"You ask a question and you feel 100% positive in the answer…."


Based in Chicago, the International Legal Technology Association  (ILTA) has for over 35 years been providing pathways to knowledge for lawyers and the professionals who support their evolving technology needs in law firms, corporate law departments, law schools, and government and judicial legal offices. ILTA offers its more than 25,000 member participants peer-to-peer networking and access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession worldwide. Building on its success in the U.S. and Canada, ILTA has recently added a staff member in the U.K. to support its increasing membership and volunteers in Europe and Australia in its commitment to share information and promote lifelong learning. With many state bar associations requiring attorneys to demonstrate technical competency, and with rapidly changing developments in everything from document security and desktop applications to cloud-based storage and courtroom presentations, ILTA helps the professionals who support lawyers to do a better job. “GM makes cars; lawyers make documents,” explains Joy Heath Rush, who was named CEO in February 2019.

The board’s treasurer works in Philadelphia and she introduced Your Part-Time Controller to ILTA. “YPTC was brought in before I was named CEO to assist us through significant organizational changes that included our finance area,” she says. Although she had been affiliated with ILTA for many years as a vendor, volunteer and board member and president, her background has been largely in the for-profit sector. “Having people who really know the nonprofit world to help us through the transition has been absolutely indispensable,” she says.

Almost everyone in the association other than several finance staff members works virtually. YPTC staff members Hatsy Cutshall and Lizeth Herrera have come to Chicago on several occasions, “but mostly they work with us virtually, which is our model,” explains Heath Rush.

“They have supplemented my internal financial resources and are coaching us on best practices and timelines. It’s not just hiring a temp or an extra pair of hands. They’ve added value and made sure our finance department has the right roles, responsibilities and skill sets.

“They’ve been willing to have strategic conversations with us. It’s been particularly helpful for me because I don’t come from the nonprofit sector,” she adds.

“Their level of professionalism and responsiveness is truly excellent. When I talk to Hatsy, I feel like I’m talking to a senior advisor: you ask a question and you feel 100% positive in the answer you get and that it’s rooted in experience and an understanding of my organization. And Lizeth just feels like part of my staff,” she says.

“I absolutely, unreservedly recommend YPTC. They’ve been a great partner and I can’t say enough good things about them.”

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