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Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse

"They’re absolutely lovely to work with…."

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The Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse supports victims of power-based violence in the greater Washington, D.C. region to become empowered and to live safely. Through direct services, prevention programs and educating people about healthy relationships, JCADA’s free services assist survivors of intimate partner and dating violence, elder abuse, gender-based violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment in the workplace, and stalking. JCADA offers safety planning, counseling, legal services and legal access, victim advocacy, and a crisis helpline. Work with clients is not time-limited, but rather continues until the trauma has been addressed and the client is ready to move on feeling empowered and safe.

JCADA had engaged YPTC’s services before Amanda Katz was named Executive Director. “There had been a transition in leadership and a lot of work needed to happen to professionalize our organization,” she recalls. “We had grown exponentially through donations and foundation grants and our accounting had become really complicated. We needed a professional who was going to expand our capacity.”

Today, YPTC Associate Michelle Thomas is considered part of the JCADA team. “Everyone knows her and knows that Thursday is her day to be here. She accepts everyone where they are in their knowledge of finances and she’s willing to stay and work with our staff and volunteers to help explain where we are, what we have, what we need, and why we do something a certain way.”

Thomas and YPTC Washington Director Teresa Salemi also meet with the organization’s Board of Directors to help them better understand the books and financial reports. “They’re absolutely lovely to work with, and they go above and beyond,” Katz says. “They’re really savvy and make sure everything is documented and clear. A nonprofit’s numbers tell a story and they’ve helped us get our values into our budget and tell the community the story of what we do and how we’re using their money responsibly. They’ve been a huge benefit to us.”

Katz appreciates that in bringing YPTC on board “you know you’re getting someone who understands nonprofit policies and philosophies. It’s a beautiful partnership.”

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