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Lower Cape TV

"Working with YPTC has raised our level of professionalism…."


The Lower Cape Community Access Television (Lower Cape TV) provides local news, information and local voices as well as access to video equipment and training in creating video storytelling, supporting a community that connects to the unique Cape Cod, Mass. peninsula. Offering local cable, a mobile app, online digital distribution, and e-newsletters, the nonprofit is a communications hub for connection, creativity and community voice by operating local TV stations and a nonprofit newsroom in Brewster, Eastham, Orleans, Wellfleet, and Truro. Quarterly Public Service Announcement Days support other area nonprofits, and ArtsLight covers the vibrant Cape Cod creative economy. Free access to video equipment and training is available to help people tell their own stories.

“We’re a small nonprofit newsroom that’s all about community voice. Our expertise revolves around news content and community connection, not finances,” explains Teresa Martin, Executive Director. “As we enter our second decade we’re starting to move up to the next level of growth, and our financial platform has to be able to support that. We knew we didn’t have the financial expertise we needed and we were really impressed with YPTC’s breadth of knowledge about accounting for nonprofits. Working with YPTC has raised our level of professionalism in ways that are really positive in terms of our organizational thinking.”

Martin was especially drawn to YPTC’s team approach. “We got an outsourced finance department, not just an accountant or a bookkeeper,” she says. “We also like the interaction; it’s not just their professionalism but they take the time to understand what we do and they’re pleasant to deal with. The package that we’re getting – their knowledge, being pleasant, and a relationship that we’re very happy with – are important when you’re a small organization, especially if you know you can’t afford to hire someone.”

Massachusetts state law requires even smaller nonprofits like Lower Cape TV to have an annual audit. “Having YPTC on your team who can put together the information the auditors need and speak their language means I’m not spending the time I should be doing other activities chasing down audit information.

“YPTC doesn’t work in a vacuum. I feel like I can pick up the phone and connect with them any time just as if they were sitting across from me,” she adds. “Feeling comfortable with your financial team is important to the executive director of a small organization.”

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