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"A great tool for planning for the future"

Match Education - Anne Healy

Match Education calls itself an engine of discovery and applied innovation in education. The Boston-based organization is committed to delivering extraordinary results for the students served in its schools through a culture characterized by high expectations and high support. The Match Charter Public Schools are three free, high-performing campuses that prepare 1,180 Pre-K through 12th grade students to succeed in college and beyond. Match graduates – many of whom are the first in their family to earn a college degree or who are English Language Learners — go on to enroll in and complete four-year colleges in high numbers.

Anne Healy, Chief Financial Officer, learned about YPTC from promotional announcements on a Boston public radio station and liked that they just work with nonprofits. She also heard about YPTC’s work with another area nonprofit and subsequently recommended YPTC to five other nonprofits. “All of them have had glowing reviews about the work that YPTC has done, whether it’s just paying bills, doing monthly closings, preparing reports for finance committees and boards of directors, or bringing in an interim CFO,” Healy says. “I’ve never heard a bad review – they’ve all been stellar.”

Match Education uses YPTC now to handle overflow work. “I find it’s really helpful to have them do things that might overly burden our current staff,” she says. “They’re very responsive and their attention to detail is excellent. It saves me time!”

Healy likes YPTC’s presence for another reason. “For a long-term sustainability or transition planning approach, keeping YPTC in the mix will help us down the line if we have openings or transitions. They’re a great tool for planning for the future. I think they’re the answer for many nonprofits.”


30-YEAR CONGRATULATIONS: “I hope they have another 30!”

“I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of YPTC until several years ago and didn’t realize they’re 30 years old. I hope they have another 30! I don’t see them going anywhere but forward.”

— Anne Healy, Chief Financial Officer

Match Education

Boston, Mass.

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