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One thing that all human beings have in common is the need for food. Meals in the Meantime provides fresh and healthy high-quality food that sustains well-being while honoring the humanity of the people they serve in Chicagoland’s south suburbs. Meals in the Meantime pop-up pantries in underserved community neighborhoods fill the food gap with accessible food support and assistance. These pantries partner with local townships, community- and faith-based organizations to help people who need food directly in communities where they live. The core of the work is putting free, fresh, healthy, high-quality food directly in the hands of people in need.

“I remember the first time I heard about YPTC like it was yesterday,” recalls Kevin M. Yates, Founder & President. “I was driving down the road and heard an announcement on National Public Radio about Your Part-Time Controller and the support they offer for nonprofits’ fiduciary responsibilities, accounting and bookkeeping. At that time Meals in the Meantime was still in start-up mode and I thought to myself that we really needed to step up our game with how we manage our finances.”

Yates scheduled an exploratory meeting with YPTC and was pleased to discover that the services are indeed available to small start-up nonprofits. “We are the type of nonprofit that’s on YPTC’s radar and that YPTC wants to work with. They helped us build a solid foundation for how we manage and report financials and the relationship has been amazing!” he exclaims.

“For me, at the top of my ‘love list’ with YPTC is trust. That’s so important for me and our organization. There’s a fiduciary responsibility that I have as a leader, founder and board member in being accurate in reporting the generosity of the people who support our organization. Having a partner whom we can trust helps us focus on what’s most important for us – people who need help with food. We can focus on that because we trust YPTC wholeheartedly to ensure that we have accurate and appropriate reporting about how we’re managing our money. Because we have that trust we don’t have to worry.”

Yates also loves how YPTC is helping to nurture his development as a nonprofit leader. “I worked in the corporate space for 30 years and the nonprofit space is still new to me,” he notes. “The other reason I love YPTC is the extent to which they’ve been able to educate me. I’m grateful for the guidance and direction they’ve given me. For someone like me who’s new to the nonprofit space, there’s a partnership and an education factor that has really supported me in my own nonprofit journey.”

30-YEAR CONGRATULATIONS: “Continue doing their great and awesome work ….”

“I’m glad that I started Meals in the Meantime at the point in time when I did, back in May 2021, so that I could be able to take advantage of YPTC’s work. I just hope that their next 30 years will see even more excellent, impactful, amazing work full of growth. I hope they’ll be around for me and other nonprofits to continue doing their great and awesome work.”

— Kevin M. Yates, Founder & President

Meals in the Meantime

Chicago, Ill.

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