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NestQuest Houston

"A huge transition – and a huge relief…."

NestQuest Houston - Isabel Lopez

Since its founding in 2017, NestQuest Houston has been changing the future of children in Houston, Texas by providing families who receive Housing Choice Vouchers with access to great homes and exceptional schools. Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly known as Section 8, typically have limited options for high-quality housing in safe neighborhoods. NestQuest works directly with families, landlords and government agencies to give families greater choices in where they live and where their children are enrolled in school by expanding housing access in high-opportunity areas to low-income families. This process – which has supported over 50 families and 100 students with quality, affordable housing and excellent education – has helped to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and systemic school segregation in the nation’s 4th-largest city.

Isabel Lopez, Executive Director, recalls that there were some discrepancies with the first firm hired to do the financials. “I don’t come from an accounting background, so when we caught it we started looking for someone with more experience working with nonprofits,” she says. A search led them to YPTC and Associate Kasey Henry has been providing responsive, transparent and friendly service ever since.

“When I visited YPTC’s website, several things jumped out at me,” Lopez says. The first was that NestQuest did not need to sign a contract. “With nonprofits you never know when your funding might run out. So many things can happen and you don’t want to be tied into a long-term contract,” she explains. The other key aspect was that YPTC charges only for the hours actually worked, not a flat retainer regardless of how much or how little work is actually done. “For us, this was a huge transition – and a huge relief!”

Lopez likes the fact that Henry makes the financial picture understandable in a regular conversation without getting lost in “accounting lingo,” but can also present more detailed reports that satisfy her board members. Henry volunteers at organizational events and staff treat her like one of the employees. “It’s very comforting and easy working with her. I can call, text or email her and she’s always responsive, and she makes me feel more secure in asking the questions I need to ask. She’s built a comfort level that we didn’t have before.”

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