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Network for Victim Recovery of DC

"An authentic commitment to support nonprofits…."


The impact of over 33,000 crimes reported annually in the nation’s capital, ranging from assaults and identity thefts to gender-based violence and homicide, ripples beyond the victim to include the family, friends, neighborhood, and the larger community. The Network for Victim Recovery of DC provides a collaborative continuum of free advocacy, case management and legal services to address victims’ needs. NVRDC is changing the impact of victimization and is empowering victims of all crimes to pursue their goals for recovery and redress.

YPTC has served as their controller since the Network’s inception in 2012. “We were a small, mission-focused nonprofit trying to support a lot of people with little time to devote to building our expertise in accounting for nonprofits,” recalls Executive Director Bridgette Stumpf. “We didn’t have the capacity to do all the tasks that YPTC’s support offered around establishing an accounting system and procedures with the necessary fidelity required. Bringing someone on board at the outset to help us create that infrastructure has been a lifesaver.”

Stumpf notes how YPTC’s support has helped NVRDC to grow exponentially over the years, from a $200,000 budget and 2-1/2 FTEs to a $2 million budget and a staff of 25. “That explosive growth has necessarily involved a number of different funding streams and a need for greater accountability. It’s a great problem to have,” she notes, “but YPTC has been there to make sure we’re growing responsibly in terms of our accounting processes. The YPTC staff have been critical members of our team.”

Throughout this growth, YPTC has helped NVRDC through larger and more complex audits. “They’ve supported us not only with our capacity but also in building up our confidence year over year.”

Stumpf is particularly impressed with YPTC’s organizational culture. “Their staff are always willing to be supportive of our needs. They’ve sponsored some of our annual events. What I really appreciate is that they have an authentic commitment to support nonprofits, not just from an accounting perspective but from a true desire to uplift the important work we do in the community. It feels very different from just outsourcing the accounting to someone who’s good with numbers. This is a really authentic relationship with someone who is interested in our success.

“They’re very good at recruiting people who live and breathe that same commitment,” she adds. “We’ve seen that same commitment from the YPTC leadership on down. Plus, they’re exceptional accountants. Having someone so well-versed in their craft is like having a magician!”

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