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"What impresses me is their professionalism"

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Since 1986, Project Self-Sufficiency has been transforming lives in Sussex and Warren Counties, N.J. With support from the New Jersey Departments of Labor, Health, and Children and Families, corporate sponsors, plus annual fundraising events and campaigns, the multi-service organization helps over 2,500 families each year with housing counseling, case management, career training, parenting classes, childcare, food pantries, early learning, home visitations by social workers and nurses, and prevention of domestic violence and child sexual abuse. The organization empowers vulnerable families to achieve stability and self-sufficiency through a wide array of comprehensive programs that build self-confidence and self-reliance. Through Project Self-Sufficiency, help today becomes strength tomorrow and many families become one community.

Deborah Berry-Toon, Executive Director, had known about YPTC for many years but it wasn’t until Project Self-Sufficiency had a sudden need for a finance person that she reached out. “They were very responsive,” she recalls, and quickly sent several associates to do on-site work at the organization in the remote northwest corner of New Jersey.

“What impresses me is their professionalism,” she says. “The caliber of professionals that they have sent to us is excellent. These are really smart people who can dive in, pick things up quickly and understand the nuances of an organization.

“Being a small nonprofit, we all tend to pitch in and do everything, and YPTC’s people are easy to work with,” she adds. “I think it’s impressive how their people collaborate with our people really well on different projects.

“We were playing catch-up, and now they’ve gotten us to where we need to be for our audit. They’ve made lots of recommendations for more efficiencies within our organization. It’s just been a very easy, seamless, professional, high-caliber organization to work with. I think YPTC can take us to the next level.”

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