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"YPTC has been literally a godsend"

Resilience Force -- Sufyan Sohel

With climate disasters increasingly becoming a fact of life in America, and with disaster responses exacerbating existing racial and class inequalities, Resilience Force works with community advocates and forward-thinking leaders across government, nonprofit, labor, and private sectors to rewrite the rules of disaster recovery. Working across the entire U.S. with a concentration in Florida and the Gulf Coast states, Resilience Force is transforming America’s response to disasters by strengthening and protecting a Resilience Workforce — the millions of people, many of whom are immigrants and people of color, whose work, heart and expertise make sustainable recovery from disasters possible. By advancing new solutions through research, organizing, legal action, community-based experiments, and storytelling across the media landscape, Resilience Force works toward ensuring a more effective, equitable and sustainable approach to preparation, response, recovery, and rebuilding for all people affected by the “new normal” of climate disasters across the U.S. This new framework for recovery can serve as a powerful engine for progress in repairing long-standing issues of unequal access and opportunity and create an effective foundation for future climate resilience.

Sufyan Sohel, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, extols the value of working with YPTC. “They’ve been so great,” he says. “I came from an organization where we had managed all our books internally and I initially asked why we would need an outside party. YPTC has been literally a godsend, taking items off my plate and being another set of eyes as we go through the ebbs and flows of nonprofit management.”

Sohel describes how YPTC staff are managing Resilience Force’s back-end finances. “We meet weekly to review our financial, budgeting and fund development goals, which I can then take to my team and articulate where we are at and realign as we need to.”


30-YEAR CONGRATULATIONS: “Congratulations for 30 wonderful years!”

“Congratulations for 30 wonderful years and for the positive impact you’ve had on so many wonderful organizations and the work that they’re doing!”

— Sufyan Sohel, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel,

Resilience Force

Chicago, Ill.

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