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Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines

"They systematically moved us into the 21st Century…."


For over 130 years, the Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines has provided a haven for horses of all breeds and sizes. Located in Pottstown, Pa., the 386-acre farm is the oldest nonprofit sanctuary for horses in the U.S., established in 1888 by a passionate advocate for Philadelphia’s abused and neglected horses which at the time pulled the city’s fire engines. Most of the farm’s 80 residents are over 20 years old, and many have chronic health issues. Veterinary attention, dental care, farrier services, food, bedding, and shelter are provided for the rest of the horses’ lives. Many are brought to Ryerss Farm by their owners who wish to reward their faithful friends with a happy retirement. Others are rescued from abusive situations.

When Sam Griffin was named President of the Board of Managers, he saw an organization in need of more efficient services. “We had been having our ups and downs over the years, like any nonprofit, but we were operating the way an organization would have been run in the 1950s,” he says. There were no computers, the bookkeeping was being done by hand, and there was a need for forensic accounting. Someone recommended Your Part-Time Controller.

“They came in and systematically moved us into the 21st Century,” he says. “Today, when I need to know anything about our finances I have the information at my fingertips, and that’s all due to YPTC. That’s been immensely important to us so we can get about our business of raising money instead of worrying about where our next dollar is coming from.

“We’ve turned the corner and are doing way better, and YPTC has been an integral part of all that. Our board meetings are now held monthly instead of quarterly, with monthly financial reports that are up-to-the-minute. We have controls set in place so we can be mindful of our finances and know that every nickel that we raise is going to care for the horses.”

Griffin also appreciates the partnership that YPTC has established with them. “All of YPTC’s personnel have been wonderful and they get along with all of us,” he says. “When there’s been a transition to new staff the new person has been fully briefed and the transition has been seamless.

“They’re great supporters as well and they come out for our events. They get what it is that we’re doing here and they understand the kind of mission we’re on.”

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