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"An investment in the financial health of the organizations they work with…"

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A “scalawag” is loosely defined as a Southerner who rebelled against the Confederacy, and a century-and-a-half after the Civil War Scalawag magazine is keeping the tradition alive. Scalawag works in solidarity with oppressed communities across the South to publish journalism and storytelling that disrupts and shifts the narratives that keep power and wealth in the hands of the few. Headquartered in Durham, N. Car., Scalawag’s editors and writers are pursuing a more liberated South through community-driven reporting that can lead to transformational policy changes, support for movements, increased solidarity and connection, the nourishing of imagination, and new pathways to careers in journalism, literature and the arts for people who have traditionally not had such access.


When Cierra Hinton was named Executive Director-Publisher in 2018, she faced several leadership transition issues while she also repositioned the magazine into an outlet for amplifying the stories of and by people of color. “It was a financially challenging time for us and for our team culture,” she recalls. “Our budget wasn’t large and we quickly discovered that we needed a better handle on our financial position to be able to see more clearly what was going on and how many months cash-on-hand we had.”


A board member who had worked with Your Part-Time Controller in another organization referred them to Scalawag, and a fruitful relationship was born. “They helped us to quickly onboard to QuickBooks and they’ve continued to support us and manage our finances as our organization has grown,” Hinton says. “We’re now in a better position financially and able to bring new people on board and increase our team capacity. I’m looking forward to growing our relationship with YPTC and having them get into more particulars regarding our finances as our operations expand.


“They’re super-communicative, which I find very helpful,” she adds. “My background is nonprofit fundraising so I understand more than most folks about expenses and budgeting but I’m a lot better at getting money in the door. I appreciate their willingness to get into the nitty-gritty when I have gaps in my knowledge.”


Hinton particularly appreciates that YPTC’s work is “not just financial services or financial management. They’re not just keeping our books and spitting out reports,” she adds, describing YPTC’s informational webinars and assistance with applying for federal loans. “It’s not just bookkeeping; they’re making an investment in the financial health of the organizations they work with, and they see that as their mission. It’s really incredible to be able to get that level of support.”

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