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Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services

"It’s a winning combination…."


Located in Scottsdale, Ariz., STARS — Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services – has a proud legacy of serving individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Since 1973 STARS has been offering program supports and services that holistically value the potential of each participant while building life-changing experiences that last for decades. STARS’ Day Training programs promote life-skill development in independent living, grooming, hygiene, safety, and cooking, with extensive classes in music, art and physical movement. These programs help individuals build healthy, lasting relationships with others, engage in the community and develop socially, emotionally and physically. The Youth Program serves as a stepping-stone for students between school and adulthood. The Vocational Training Program helps participants develop critical job skills, increase independence and gain confidence in their ability to work and earn a paycheck.

Over the years, STARS had employed controllers, finance managers and CFOs. Following a recent vacancy with several months’ worth of books needing closing out, President & CEO Dave Henderson explored his options for filling the position. Having heard about Your Part-Time Controller on public radio, he quickly decided that bringing in the expertise of YPTC on a part-time basis was just what STARS needed.
“The thing I liked about YPTC was that even though they were new to Phoenix, they had a well-conceived plan. They were fully ready to take on clients and could work with them immediately,” he recalls.

Associate Marc Jones soon began working with STARS. “While we planned to spend a little more time at the beginning, once Marc got caught up and into a routine we came up with a schedule that we could plan around. Within just a few weeks we had our financials brought up to date. Who could ask for anything more?” he asks.

“Marc might as well be on our staff: he interfaces with everyone on our team, and everyone is comfortable asking him questions. It’s a natural relationship which, based on my experience, is unusual when working with contractors. Marc tells us repeatedly how much he enjoys our organization and believes in our mission. It’s a winning combination,” he adds.

STARS is a member of a large group of industry nonprofits. “Whenever the issue of finance comes up, I’m happy to share our experience with YPTC,” he says. “It’s that good of an opportunity. You get a higher level of expertise at an affordable cost point and that’s good for our nonprofit.”

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