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The Dover Group

"Having somebody in your corner is critical…."


The Dover Group is a boutique political consulting firm that specializes in direct mail and digital communications on behalf of progressive candidates, organizations, and causes. It provides communications services for federal, state and local political campaigns, from direct-mail to direct digital communications. Team members tell each candidate’s story in a creative, persuasive way using cutting-edge science and data modeling to reach the right audiences at the right time. The Dover Group also offers public affairs services which include developing public interaction, media engagement, message delivery, and brand management for organizations seeking to make a difference in their communities.

Partner Mark Nevins recalls the time when a former partner with experience running a small business left for another opportunity. “That left us without someone who was knowledgeable in running the business,” he recalls. YPTC agreed to take on the company as a client in 2015. Today, he says, “Frankly, we could not do what we do if we had to be solely responsible for the back-office bookkeeping and business management that YPTC provides for us.”

Nevins has praise for the client managers who have worked with the firm over the years. “They’ve been terrific, knowledgeable and accessible. They’ve taken time to learn about our business and its cyclical nature and the ins and outs of political consulting. We couldn’t do what they do without their support.”

Whether tackling more mundane activities such as generating invoices or more sophisticated budget projections and forecasting, YPTC has been “incredibly helpful. To have somebody on your side to help you through these processes is invaluable.”

Nevins notes that “running a small business is not easy. All of the small business programs undertaken, whether by local, state or the federal government, never take into account how challenging it is. Until they do, having somebody in your corner is critical to being successful.”

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