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The Mission Continues is a national, nonpartisan nonprofit founded in 2007 to provide opportunities for post-9/11 veterans to find purpose in their communities through empowering programs that have transforming social impact. Veterans possess the drive and desire to serve others, but without access to the tools needed, their potential to make meaningful impact at the local level remains untapped. Meanwhile, growing numbers of communities are under-resourced and being left behind.

The Mission Continues empowers veterans to continue their service, and empowers communities with veterans’ talent, skills and preparedness to generate visible impact. With operations in cities across the country, The Mission Continues’ veteran volunteers work alongside nonprofit partners and community leaders to achieve critical objectives such as improving community education resources, eliminating food deserts, mentoring at-risk youth, and more.

“Our team member from YPTC has always felt like a direct part of our staff,” says Jeremy Albritton, Chief Operating & Financial Officer. “Communications are seamless, within our own internal systems, and she is even an active participant at staff retreats and strategic offsites.”

Albritton appreciates the value-add of having a Controller who belongs to a larger firm, because she can tap into a deeper reservoir of expertise.  “On several occasions there have been decision points which were subjective or open to interpretation, and our Controller was able to reach back into YPTC for perspective and professional advice that we would not have considered otherwise.

“As The Mission Continues’ CFO, with fiduciary responsibility for the organization, I value independent, objective oversight and perspective, and I know our Board of Directors does too,” he adds.

“I would recommend YPTC for an organization in a growth phase, who may not be able to attract or retain top accounting talent, or who may still be evaluating the ROI on a full-time Controller.  This can be a low-risk way to bring that functional expertise into your organization.”

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