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"YPTC hit the ground running"

Old Globe Headshot

Modeled after Shakespeare’s Old Globe in London, San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre was built in 1935 to present Shakespeare’s plays during the California Pacific International Exposition. At the conclusion of the exposition, the nonprofit San Diego Community Theatre leased the theatre from the city and renovated it for ongoing use. Twice destroyed by arson fires, first in 1978 and again in 1984, the community came together to help the organization, now called the Old Globe, rebuild and expand. In 2006 a five-year, $75 million capital and endowment campaign was launched to secure long-term stability. Today the Old Globe annually stages 15 productions, ranging from Shakespeare to new works, along with the annual family musical Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! With a $30 million operating budget, the Old Globe is one of San Diego’s largest arts institutions, its leading arts employer, and among the nation’s top-ranked regional theatres, reaching more than 250,000 people annually through productions, arts engagement programs and outreach services.

Michelle Yeager, Director of Finance, recalls that during the COVID pandemic the Old Globe was experiencing a lot of turnover. The Managing Director had had a great experience working with YPTC at a previous theater and brought YPTC in to assist.

“Lots of jobs are difficult to outsource but some tasks lend themselves to a technical person who is seasoned,” Yeager says. “YPTC hit the ground running. We didn’t have to train them or spend a lot of time bringing someone up to speed.” Yeager is particularly impressed with how transitioning in three different YPTC Associates has been handled. “It was so professional and helpful. It made me stick with the company.”

Yeager also appreciates YPTC’s dedication and support. “I know that the person who is assigned to us has other clients, but I never feel like I’m the low man on the totem pole. When I ask her a question, I get a response quickly. I also feel like I have a team, not just that one person. YPTC’s resources are valuable because of the knowledge bank that we have access to.”

“We really like the Associate that we work with as a person. She’s very communicative. We enjoy the personable touch as well as getting the work done. The communication is really solid. And even though we’re working together remotely, it’s all being done seamlessly.”

Finally, Yeager likes YPTC’s pricing structure. “We’re all accountants,” she says. “We understand numbers. And YPTC’s pricing is fair. There’s good value for the service given.”

30-YEAR CONGRATULATIONS: “Congratulations on a very successful production!”

“YPTC had its opening night 30 years ago and is enjoying a wonderfully long stage run. Congratulations on a very successful production! Here’s to many more great performances.”

— Michelle Yeager, Director of Finance

The Old Globe

San Diego, Calif.

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