This October, YPTC staff gathered in Chicago, Phoenix, Boston, Houston, Washington, D.C, New York, and Philadelphia for a series of in-person meetings complete with networking, connection, and learning.

The “Greetings From YPTC” themed series of meetings was YPTC’s third company-wide training event of the year, following a series of in-person meetings in March, and Block Training, a virtual event which took place in April. These events focus on strengthening the firm’s already strong culture of community and education.

This time, attendees were welcomed with travel-inspired imagery, custom location-based postcards, and branded travel kits to take with them.

YPTC Leadership began each event with a warm welcome and Town Hall-style discussion. The topics covered, as requested by YPTC staff through a pre-event survey, included:

  • Client and staff growth
  • 2023 highlights and recent awards
  • Services and technology
  • 2024 strategy and plans
  • And more!

The rest of the meeting agenda left room for reconnection with familiar colleagues, introductions to new hires, and tons of socializing and photobooth fun.

Training content was crafted to build upon the introduction of YPTC’s “new frontier,” introduced in March, and expanded upon in April’s Block Training. YPTC Tech™, a new initiative appropriately named for its expanded focus on automation, reporting tools, and artificial intelligence was formally announced at the meetings.

Local staff members shared stories of client success using enhanced automation tools and technology, inspiring others to adapt these efficiencies.

The training portion concluded with a “Leadership in Action” panel, which featured representatives from various job functions within the company. Each panelist was given the opportunity to share their experience, career path, and viewpoint on leadership at YPTC. The central message of the panel revolved around the fact that at YPTC, leadership is accessible to everyone. Each team member has the potential to take on leadership roles when collaborating with clients, colleagues, and different departments. The session emphasized that regardless of job title, potential leaders emerge at any time or phase, and the company is dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary tools and guidance for success.

The event wrapped up with closing remarks from leadership, leaving YPTC staff with a sense of positivity and lasting memories.

Thank you to all volunteers, content creators, presenters, and leadership, for making these events possible!