YPTC hosted its annual Block Training event last week. Block Training is an imperative, foundational element of YPTC’s culture, and its overarching purpose is to foster education and connectivity. Each year’s theme reflects a different approach on how to achieve this goal, with 2023’s being “The New Frontier.” Staff were welcomed to “The New Frontier” with astronautical imagery and virtual sessions focused on the technology and principles guiding YPTC into the future.

Mitch Roshong, National Director of Training and Development, and the training department, managed and planned the event with support from executive leadership, operations, and marketing. The agenda featured speakers from YPTC’s Data Visualization Group (DVG), Managing Partner Jennifer Alleva, Chief Information Officer Andy Houriet, and the company’s President & Founder, Eric Fraint. In addition, YPTC proudly offered CPE credits to staff members for each technical session.
Mitch Roshong wanted to build upon the technical foundations laid at YPTC’s in-person meetings this past March, and Block Training 2023 did exactly that.

“Since the introduction to new reporting tools in March, The Data Visualization Group and I have been working to distill a wealth of information into actionable, usable, presentations and resources for our staff.” Mitch continued, “We were able to curate and present FAQs, key takeaways, and best practices for implementation. The value of enhanced reporting for our clients is limitless, and we are excited to be able to bring this capability to so many nonprofits worldwide.”

Jennifer Alleva welcomed attendees with administrative announcements, such as new and returning staff members, promotions, and YPTC’s recent recognition as the “#2 Best Place to Work” in New York. Eric Fraint then set the stage for the day’s training content with an introduction to “The New Frontier.” Mr. Fraint explained the theme’s correlation to YPTC’s overall technological advancements, which involve increased automation, new reporting tools, and AI-related ventures.

“Our profession is constantly evolving and changing in terms of the tools available to us. The ability to be able to present information to our clients- that is where the action is. That is where the training needs to be, and that is where the greatest payoff is for the work that we do for our clients.” Fraint explained.

And with that, Block Training sessions began.

The first “block” of Block Training belonged to DVG’ Manager Marc Jones and his session, “Insight to Action.” In it, Marc detailed YPTC’s new financial reporting methods, and how staff can harness them to deliver client information simply and more efficiently. Marc, who is an expert in financial reporting best practices and visualizations, provided staff with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to implement in their daily work.

Jennifer Alleva followed with a pivot presentation titled, “Strengthening Relationships: The Power of Giving.” An interpersonal topic was the perfect complement to the technical nature of the day. Jennifer covered the concept of being a “giver” (which is a trait that comes naturally to YPTC’s staff), and how to sustain excellence while also prioritizing one’s own mental health and happiness.

Technology took over more time with Block Training’s final “block”: “Driving Your Automation Journey: An Overview of Automation Tools.” Led by DVG Department Leader Bill Schwab and DVG Manager Edwin Harvey, the session used case studies and live demonstrations to exemplify how automation tools maximize productivity.

Each facet of Block Training exemplified YPTC’s unwavering commitment to learning and innovation—from beginning to end. Because of this, staff left the event feeling energized, inspired, and ready to take on “The New Frontier.”


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