Titibeth (Titi) Castro’s accounting and finance career began before most—in a single high school class that cultivated her significant strength and interest in the field.

The class provided comprehensive yet diverse exposure to the industry and included regular interaction with practicing accountants. These individuals worked in various sectors, from restaurants to hospitals to nonprofit organizations.

Upon completing the course, Titi understood the inherent worth and versatility existing within the accounting and finance world.

So, she set out to become an accountant herself.

Titi Castro Inline Image 1As a first-generation college student, Titi took part in the NJ Stars program that paid for tuition at a local community college.

There, she received her associate degree and moved on to Rutgers to enroll in their accounting program.

The transfer, however, wasn’t without its unique setbacks. First, there was the shock of a brand-new educational environment. Later, there were difficulties in securing internships. Despite it all, Titi remained resilient and focused.

Her perseverance paid off at a pivotal moment.

With graduation looming, Titi attended a career fair to gauge her post-graduate opportunities. She arrived prepared and positive, and made an impression on an auditing firm.

That impression developed into several interviews, which led to a full-time job offer.Titi Castro Inline Image 2

The position allowed Titi to flourish—she adapted to new demands and strategies, and most importantly, continued to grow by asking questions.

Public accounting was as imperative to Titi’s foundation as it was exhausting. She needed a shift in direction; one that prioritized her overall well-being.

Fueled by this in her search, she landed on Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC). The firm’s emphasis on work-life balance made it the perfect fit for Titi’s next phase.

Titi entered her role as a Staff Accountant with her trademark unfaltering commitment. Doors have always opened for Titi because of that drive, and it’s the same at YPTC.

She’s now ascended to a Controller position, where she serves her clients with excellence—in return, she finds this impact to be the most rewarding part of her job.

By supporting her professional development, YPTC allows Titi to move forward with purpose. Thus, she continues to thrive in making a difference, one financial statement at a time.


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