Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC)’s New York Director, Rachel DeMatteo, is officially a “Nonprofit Trailblazer”, according to City & State New York and its sister publication, New York Nonprofit Media (NYN)!

Late last month, the 2024 “Nonprofit Trailblazers” were celebrated at an in-person ceremony, featuring New YorkRachel In-line Image City Deputy Mayor for Strategic Initiatives, Ana Almanzar, and Department of Social Services Commissioner, Molly Wasow Park as keynote speakers.

The honoree selection process sees City & State and NYN joining forces to search among New York’s most notable nonprofit leaders.  In its finalized form, the “Nonprofit Trailblazers” list is an adequate reflection of the sector’s inherent diversity—featuring individuals that fulfill a multitude of functions, missions, and initiatives.

Rachel’s position among this group began to take form as early as young adulthood. “Before I even finished college, I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to the nonprofit sector to make a positive impact. My personal mission has always been to use my accounting expertise to support and strengthen nonprofit organizations. This passion drives me every day. Receiving this award is deeply meaningful as it validates my efforts and dedication. However, the true reward is knowing that my work contributes to causes I believe in. That is truly fulfilling,” she reflected.

All Rachel’s professional and personal pursuits continue to solidify her trailblazing status. As a Director at YPTC, she leads a market that provides nonprofit accounting and financial assistance to over 300 local organizations. She is also a renowned speaker and expert at industry events, both on state-wide and national levels. Outside of work, Rachel is a member of the New York State Society of CPAs and its Not-for-Profit Organizations Committee.

On what allowed her to achieve this level of success—and subsequently what led to her being featured on the “Nonprofit Trailblazer” list—Rachel cites YPTC’s culture of support.

“When I began my career at YPTC, my primary goal was to assist nonprofits through my accounting expertise. As an Associate, I was able to work with and thus impact around seven clients at a time. Recognizing my potential, the leaders at YPTC elevated me to roles with greater responsibilities. This support enabled me to extend my impact to a larger number of nonprofit organizations. Over the past decade at YPTC, I have worked with hundreds of nonprofits, continuously refining my professional skills and expanding my capacity to support even more organizations. YPTC’s supportive culture and trust in me as a professional has certainly played a key role in earning this recognition,” she said.

This accolade, along with Rachel’s unwavering purpose and passion, makes it clear that the future blazes bright.

Regarding the road ahead, Rachel stated, “Honestly, I can’t imagine a life outside of the nonprofit sector—this is where I truly belong. I am fortunate to be “trailblazing” alongside incredible colleagues at YPTC who share my values and provide unwavering trust and support. Moving forward, I plan to continue expanding my connections within the nonprofit community, mentoring accounting professionals, and advocating for innovative solutions to better serve our clients. My goal is to keep making a meaningful impact and to inspire others to engage in this important work.”

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