UPDATE AS OF MARCH 14, 2024:  the IRS indicated it has fixed the problem and made new data available to third-party sites that publish Form 990 information. YPTC continues to recommend that organizations verify the correctness of their information on these sites, and with lenders or grantors as appropriate.

A recent data glitch at the IRS has resulted in a mix-up of reporting dates on Form 990 informational returns for nonprofits, with 2022 data mistakenly appearing on forms marked for 2021. This error has led to confusion on third-party platforms such as Candid (GuideStar) and ProPublica, potentially casting doubt on the authenticity of the financial information. Nonprofits are advised to verify and correct their data on these platforms and to proactively provide access to accurate financial information on their own websites.

What Nonprofits Need to Know:

  • A recent data glitch by the IRS caused a mix-up in reporting dates on Form 990 informational returns of not-for-profit entities.
  • Data for 2022 was erroneously superimposed on forms marked 2021. Both dates appear on affected forms.
  • As a result, third-party sites such as Candid (GuideStar) and ProPublica may have posted Forms 990 for 2022 to the year 2021 instead. This may lead users to conclude a 2022 return was not filed by an entity.
  • The presence of conflicting dates could lead users to conclude forms are inauthentic and the data unreliable.
  • The IRS is working on fixing the glitch, but it may take a week or two for corrected forms to be supplied to third-party sites.

What Nonprofits Need to Do:

  • Verify the informational return data supplied to third-party sites, such as Candid (GuideStar) and other charity watchdogs is correct.
  • Corrected data can be submitted directly to: https://candid.org/contact-us or https://www.propublica.org/contact, among others.
  • Be proactive by making copies of your informational returns (Form 990) available on your organization’s website.
  • If your organization is currently in the process of applying for grants or loans, ensure funders and creditors have the correct financial information.