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Andrew Miller

"YPTC’s culture fit with what I was looking for..."

Andrew Miller Final

After working in financial services and for a small business accounting firm, and then as a CFO and later as an executive director for two small nonprofits, I found my way to YPTC. The nonprofit and accounting aspects were a perfect fit for what I was doing. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn how well YPTC’s culture fit with what I was looking for.

The work-life balance was huge for me. I was a newly single father and looking for an opportunity that would allow me to spend more time with my three children. YPTC gave me my life back and has allowed me the flexibility to be a bigger part of their lives. I am finally able to be the father that I always wanted to be.

YPTC’s culture of support is a huge factor as well. I know from talking to people in public accounting and the corporate world that that culture can be cutthroat, which doesn’t appeal to me. I wanted to be at a place where I didn’t have to work a lot of hours and didn’t have to fight my way up to be recognized. At YPTC you’re recognized as a strong contributor by working hard and doing a good job and then going home and calling it a day. I feel supported and people listen when I have something to say, and it’s just been great.

In addition to the work-life balance and the culture of support is the fact that I can go to anybody throughout the company and ask any question and not only get my question answered but I’m also celebrated for asking it. You can talk to anybody to get the information you need or to talk through a tough situation.

It’s also great that YPTC has included diversity, equity and inclusion into the culture. That’s important in today’s world, to make sure everyone is treated equally and to understand that we’re all coming from different backgrounds. YPTC is putting a lot of effort into that and I can definitely appreciate it.

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