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Sherri Melamut

"The independence and the trust that YPTC gives me..."

Sherri M Final

I started my career in public accounting with a big national firm, and sometime later landed at a start-up independent school, which is where I learned about the world of nonprofits, and I never looked back. Once the school was launched and established, I decided that I needed a change, but I had no idea what that might be. I was taking some time off when YPTC reached out to me on LinkedIn. I’d never heard of YPTC but took a call from the recruiter and it was immediately apparent that this was something that would appeal to me.

I appreciate the independence and the trust that YPTC gives me. I like that I’m not constantly being managed and that my expertise is valued, but there is support when I need it. I wasn’t looking for full-time work so the ability to work at a high level of expertise but part-time really appeals to me.

In public accounting I always liked the variety of clients, so YPTC is like going back to my career roots and what I liked early in my career. It is really engaging to work with different clients, to learn about their different needs, and to embrace new learning challenges.

Another thing worth noting is that I’m extremely impressed with all the support mechanisms and resources in place. There’s so much structure behind the scenes for us to get information, training, tech support, and being able to reach out to our colleagues. It’s very impressive.

And one last thing: my colleagues are amazing! They’re smart, collaborative, and fun!

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