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Jeff Dean

"A passion for helping others..."

Jeff Dean

I’m a CPA and came to YPTC after a more-than-30-year career in auditing, financial planning and analysis, working on Wall Street, and corporate controllerships. I had moved to Boston and was looking for new opportunities and became interested in working with nonprofit organizations as I have a passion for helping others. YPTC seemed like something worth pursuing. I was impressed with the people I met, and it has been a really rewarding experience. It coincides with my desire to link my career with helping others and giving back while making a living.

YPTC by far has the greatest culture of any company I’ve ever worked for. Everybody is extremely professional, down-to-earth, interesting, and passionate about helping others and each other. Anybody you reach out to will help you because they want to see everyone be successful. I’m an ambassador to new employees and being able to help them is rewarding. Another thing that impresses me is that the leadership is really accessible.

At our monthly meetings I was surprised about how enthusiastic YPTC’s people are. I had been working for companies where the company always came first. The feeling you get at YPTC is that they value the input of their employees and that’s really important to me.

Another thing that’s great is being able to work with a number of different clients, each of which has a great mission. It’s really rewarding to know that I can help them and provide value to them. They’d probably say that I’m always responsive and a big help.

I came to YPTC in my late 50’s, and there isn’t any age bias here. YPTC is looking for people who can fit into their culture and do the job effectively. They value people’s professional experience. I’m glad that they took a chance on me.

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