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Sandra Magri

"The perfect balance of being a professional while working part-time..."

Sandra Magri Test

I came to YPTC’s New England office as a two-timer. I was working in YPTC’s New York City office and it was the first time that I, with two little kids, had the perfect balance of being a professional while working part-time. But New York wasn’t a geographical fit and I had to move back to Massachusetts where I took another job. When YPTC opened the New England office I jumped at the chance to come back.

The work-life balance and flexibility that YPTC offers me is satisfying. The ability to do what I do and work for the better good while being around my kids is the keystone of why I like working for YPTC.

Our team is awesome – there’s not a single person that I’ve met in New York or New England who isn’t great. They’re all smart, passionate, intelligent, and focused on the same goal of helping the client. I also work on the recruitment teams and the new people we’re bringing in are phenomenal.

The clients really appreciate you. I worked many years in public accounting and no one in audits or tax accounting is ever happy to see you. Now, it’s really great to be appreciated.

I’m constantly learning. I get bored very easily, so being able to learn new industries and software and to solve different clients’ needs keeps me from bouncing between jobs every year. I’m a pretty extroverted person so I wouldn’t be happy if YPTC put me in a cubicle and told me to keep my head down all day. I talk to a lot of people each day and that fills my cup pretty well.

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