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Kayla Bilodeau

"A real opportunity for growth..."

Kayla Test

I did my undergraduate work in accounting and later worked as an auditor in public accounting, mostly with municipalities and a few nonprofits. I had transitioned into a staff accountant for a for-profit corporation but knew I definitely wanted to get back to nonprofits. When I learned about YPTC it seemed like a real opportunity for growth. It was also an exciting opportunity being here in the Boston office because our New England market is growing rapidly and I can grow with the team.

I really like the flexibility of being able to make my own schedule with what works for my clients and what works for me. I was doing my MBA program and my managers helped me adjust my workload and work schedule when school got really busy. My managers and the other associates are a great group of people and all are very supportive; they want to see me succeed. At times when I feel overwhelmed, it’s never a question of whether I’m not doing enough, but rather they ask what they can do to help me.

My professional growth has been amazing. I’m working with different clients and different people and I feel really supported and challenged – but not challenged so much that I couldn’t get to where I am today. I’m very satisfied in this role.

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