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Angela Kampanis

"It really is a Best Place To Work..."

Angela K Test

After I got my CPA I was in public accounting. I was auditing shipping companies in Greece and when I returned to the Philadelphia area I kept hearing YPTC’s promotional announcements on WHYY, the public broadcasting station. When I saw YPTC staff manning the phones during a WHYY fundraising telethon I thought, “This must really be a terrific company.” It had such an impact on me it sparked my curiosity. When the time came for me to make a switch YPTC was the only company I applied to.

What was important to me when I made the move was to go to a good company that appreciates you and shows you that in various ways. Everybody’s skills and experience are valued and I appreciate that very much. In the corporate world you’re expected to stay in your lane, to stay inside a box. At YPTC there’s a nice mix of work and you’re never stuck doing the same thing. You’re encouraged to take trainings on your own and to constantly learn; that’s not something that you typically see encouraged. It’s always exciting and never a dull day.

Another reason I came to YPTC was because I wanted to use my skills set to do the most good and feel good about it. This has truly been my experience. I feel so blessed to be able to help all the clients I’ve been given; they’re all great people and wonderful organizations and it’s such a joy to see their transformation. They say they’re so lucky to have me but it’s a mutual love – I feel so lucky to have them. I’m able to help them help gain clarity, make better decisions, gain funding, and help their community.

Even though we’ve been working in isolation, I’ve served on a couple of teams and I’ve come to realize that everybody who I work with is amazing and supportive. You don’t find that everywhere. The love, support and desire to help you is unconditional with no fear that people will lose something if they help you. We’re not just robots handling the numbers; YPTC is a magnet for people with the same type of character which is why we all get along so well and are so happy. Every time I hear something new about YPTC I realize it really is a Best Place To Work! I can’t imagine anything better.

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